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hoster applications setup read

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 23, 2008 11:51 pm

Ok well i really want a 24.7 hoster that i know and trust. and so do the players they really enjoy the server, and the players that go along with it.

must haves or knows
1. must know how to open up icon or find a file.
2. you must have a computer
3. you must have owned or hosted a server before (i would really prefer this!)
4. you must have a router5.
5. windows messenger or aim(nothing else excepted!)
6. must have client
7. must know server ip server website and forums by heart!
8. now i know most of you turned your heads but i know you want this server 24.7 go below.

application set-up name
2.msn or aim name or email
3.age your computer always on?
5. is the computer operated by you and is it in your room?
6.can i trust you not to tamper with the server files?
7. how long have you played the game
8. do you have the client?
9. what would you rate the server
10. what would you rate the client.
11. why could i or why should i trust you to host my server?
12.if you cant host 24.7 but host till 12 afternoon-12midnight new yorktime. then post app
13. would you be dedicated to make sure the server stays up.

1. no you dont have to reset server every couple of hours, i have a auto restarter that does by self so couple clicks and its up all day long. intervals are 45min-55min computer isnt up always but i will still host, cause its up most of time. post how long you can host and the times it will be up on the application 14.--
3. i enjoy the server can we donate some how? No sorry i dont have that feature yet but if we get members all i want is active forums and you get membership!
4. will i get staff in game for this hosting i do? well ill give you mod to start, and if you do good and dont tamper with files ill give admin/co-owner.
5. well i havent hosted before but i will give it a try. in this case please i have been trying to get non hosters to host for first time its incredibly hard so i will say download, winrar, a crappy server source, and download new silabclient. then try if you can get on your own ip then i will consider. this is open to all who know anything about hosting.


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