Welcome all (please read)

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Welcome all (please read)

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 21, 2008 5:24 pm

Hello there mates its me g0d p0wr, owner and creator of the offical www.freedomscape.darkbb.com forums site, www.freedomscape.synthasite.com server site, and the server.

Server info-
server is very fun its not really a server to play by yourself on but most times thats how it is with the little people that are on, since we arent 24.7. im also looking for a 24.7 hoster if you could be this person send a application of some sort saying how and why you could be this person to this email runescapecoder@yahoo.com. this server does have a client you can download this client at the client downloads tab on the freedomscape website . silab could also be used but you wont be able to particpate in some of the server stuff, like being a staff member, doing some skills, enjoying awesome graphics,and etc. server is free. to enter the server you must need the ip which is freedomscapez.no-ip.biz , or freedomscapez.no-ip.org. we are in beta for now this will be updated very soon.since in beta please type ::suggest (your idea or glitch found or report on the glitches forum!

1.we would like a nice small community that all enjoy the server.
2.to have active forums!
3. to make the top 40 on the xtremetop100.com/runescape website. we could very well use your help if you voted for us to do so please visit www.freedomscape.synthasite.com and click the xtremetop100 button, your vote counts every 12 hours!
4. and we expect all to follow rules and not complain.

1. to not ask for staff its a warning then a ban, dont ask how to become a staff ill choose.
2. please if you find a glitch dont use it report it and if i cant fix dont use it either...
3. dont give away any items if a staff member.
4. no pretending to be owner or any staff members thats a warning, ban, then ipban
5. you may look and pk in the ::zonepk this is legal!
6. do not what so ever pk with a monster summoned log out and in. not summon more then once per each long in..this lags server and ill warn then ban u!
7. no advertising or macroing its a private server..if you dont like the game then leave!
8. you may advertise for the server and site but dont spam other servers tell ppl in pms
9. dont team in 1 v 1 pk areas. do teaming in areas designated for that purpose!
10. please enjoy server no cheating, and no whinning! thank you!


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